To my current and future clients and partners:

I am fully prepared to make any adjustments that may be needed to training and consultation schedules and delivery formats at this sensitive time. For some, this may mean rescheduling planned onsite training and consultation schedules; for others, the preferred course of action may be converting these activities to web-based platforms. Rest assured that I have been working with my team to ensure that we can respond to your unique needs, whatever they may be.

Those of us that work in the justice and human services sectors are keenly aware that the populations we serve often need additional supports during crises like these, which amplify vulnerabilities and make it difficult to access resources. Many clients – and the professionals with whom they work, cannot afford to slow down. This reality can cause tremendous stress to those most impacted and to those of us who are called to offer support. Our self-care is enormously important as we seek to manage this crisis personally while also fulfilling our personal and professional commitment to this work. Stay tuned for some free resources that may be of value to you at this time.

Our efforts to ensure support and justice to those who most need it must continue in creative ways. If there is anything I can do to support you and your team, please do not hesitate to reach out. We are all partners in this work and I look forward to being in touch to ensure that you are able to access any needed supports.