As the founder and Executive Director of CORE Associates (Creating Opportunities through Research and Education), I provide training and technical assistance in the assessment, development, implementation, and evaluation of gender responsive, culturally responsive and trauma-informed services/interventions. It is my belief that cutting edge information on trauma, healing and resiliency can and should impact what services we provide and how we provide them. I work with agencies and professionals in various sectors – early childhood services, child welfare, mental health/psychiatric services, addiction services, adult corrections, juvenile justice, victim/survivor services, education, and youth/family services – to enhance their capacity to implement and sustain effective services and interventions. My activities range from program assessment to in-depth technical assistance.

As a trainer and lecturer, I create a safe and productive environment within which professionals can identify their existing strengths as well as build and practice new competencies that will help them better meet the day-to-day demands of their jobs while minimizing stress, burnout and compassion fatigue. Whether lecturing at a conference or providing comprehensive multi-day training, I work with participants to determine the ways in which they can translate “theory into practice” in their unique service settings.

As an advocate and innovator, I engage with others to critically analyze systems and services and take actions that will improve the status quo of service delivery, address the needs of underserved groups, tap into exciting new research on trauma and resilience, and strive toward ongoing development and quality assurance.

“We can recover from trauma; indeed my experience assisting others to heal from trauma has shown me this recovery is innate” – Peter Levine

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We can have roots and wings…

Cutting-edge information on human ecology, trauma, healing and resiliency can and should impact what services we provide and how we provide them. While there is an ever-growing evidence -base on how to support human development and healing, exciting new practices are expanding what we know. To avoid stagnation and ensure that all systems of care can improve in their effectiveness, it is essential to have roots and wings. Having roots grounds us in an existing knowledge base; having wings allows us to expand that knowledge base so that we can facilitate individual and community justice and transformation.

I am launching a product – CR/2 – with a firm in Canada. I would like to feature it. I will send you info on it in a separate file.

On my resume, I have a section where I describe my doctoral research:

Doctoral research and fieldwork: Research and fieldwork on social trauma and resilience, culturally responsive approaches to psychological support and treatment, organizational and system capacity building and development. Also: