• As parents, caregivers, teachers, and practitioners – we are in a unique and special position to create spaces wherein human beings – babies, children, teens – can thrive.
  • Cutting-edge neuroscience research and clinical practice processes and outcomes have led to new understandings about children and their needs. These understandings are transforming clinical practice, changing how schools and classrooms are organized, and offering critical information to parents and caregivers about essential parenting practices from conception/birth through adolescence and young adulthood.
  • Yet our culture undermines the development of certain capacity e.g., divorces kids from mature, conditions them to technology, includes work norms and socioeconomic challenges and disparities that make it hard for families to connect. Kids today are, in many ways, suffering. Where we can, we need to give them what they need. This may require a departure from the culture…
  • We have a critically important role as parents. We are in a position to create an environment, and interactions within that environment, that support our children “


Pre and perinatal psychology, somatic experiencing We are all responsible for this

I will probably feature some articles on the Montessori approach – you don’t need a Montessori school to expose your children to these methods. You can do it at home, in the classroom, etc.

I will probably feature some articles on kids and technology

I will include resources for yoga and mindfulness

Somatic experiencing for caregivers and teachers (creating nurturing and regulating environments at home, school, in the community) – I can include the two articles I wrote for parents

Conscious/intentional parenting/caregiving/parenting the next generation