Training / Lectures / Workshops

CORE offers a variety of trainings, lectures and workshops – live and web-based. Formal curricula can be modified to meet each organization’s unique needs and interests.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • The neuro-physiology and ecology of trauma
  • Principles and practices of trauma-informed care
  • Creating a trauma-informed organizational culture
  • Trauma-informed communication
  • Staff wellness, vicarious trauma and self-care
  • Principles of gender responsive practice
  • Nuts and bolts of gender responsive practice
  • Effective strategies for working with girls and women
  • Creating and implementing gender responsive policies and procedures
  • Gender, culture and trauma and intersectionality
  • Gender and trauma-informed approaches to behavior motivation
  • The CORE Principles of Program Safety and Behavior Motivation
  • The CORE Gender Responsive Behavior Motivation Model
  • Staff Communication – Creating Regulation and Resilience (CR/2)
  • Program/facility assessment

CORE creates a safe and productive environment within which professionals can identify their existing strengths as well as build and practice new competencies that will help them better meet the day-to-day demands of their jobs while minimizing stress, burnout and vicarious trauma. Trainings focus on the ways in which participants can translate “theory into practice” in their unique service settings.

Examples of recent trainings

  • Gender Responsive Policy and Practice with Justice-Involved Women: Translating Research into Action (training provided to corrections professionals)
  • The Neurophysiology of Trauma: Preparing Ourselves for Effective Support (training provided to sexual assault crisis counselors)
  • What’s the Brain Got to Do with It? Using Our Understanding of Trauma to Support Survivors (training provided to college and university personnel)
  • Applying the Research on Trauma and Resilience to the Realities of our Work (training provided to behavioral health professionals)
  • Trauma-informed Practices in Drug Treatment Courts (training provided to drug court administrators, personnel, and providers)
  • Applying the Research on Trauma and Resilience to the Realities of Work in Behavioral Health and Disaster Response (training provided to certified first responders)

Consultation & Support

CORE provides onsite and web-based consultation and support to agencies and organizations, including:

  • Technical assistance (short- and long-term) at all levels of programming and management
  • Strategic planning (at the program, administrative, and system levels)
  • Program/facility assessment and evaluation
  • Development/enhancement of policies and procedures
  • Program design and implementation
  • System assessment and development
  • Leadership and staff development
  • Workshop/training/curriculum design, planning, and facilitation
  • Research (e.g., process, outcome)
  • Clinical intervention support

CORE provides onsite and web-based consultation and support to children, families and caregivers, including:

  • Assessment of strengths and challenges
  • Family mission and values clarification
  • Developing and implementing effective and meaningful routines
  • Creating an environment and interactions that motivate positive behavior
  • Understanding and responding to challenging behaviors
  • Using yoga and mindfulness to create stability and joy in the home

Conscious Leadership

CORE offers consultation and support to organizational leaders on the theory and practice of conscious leadership. Organizational leadership challenges us personally and professionally, and leading change efforts can be extraordinarily challenging. Adopting a conscious approach to leadership provides us with the awareness needed see and effectively respond to subtle human and process dynamics. It is critical to the transformation of any organization and can help us to achieve breakthrough.

Organizational Change Management

CORE provides consultation to organizations that are implementing new policies and practices. Consultation focuses on building organizational capacity to effectively manage the dynamics of change so that new policies and practices can become a permanent part of organizational practice.

Communities of Practice

CORE works with organizations within and across sectors to create communities of practice – groups of people who share a concern or interest and interact regularly – live and/or remotely – for the purpose of learning, enhancing competencies, and/or creating new approaches.